Simon Pusey reported that James Homes (calling himself the `Joker`) is now held in solitary confinement and still not co-operating about the cinema attack. Latest tally 12 dead and 53 injured. many holding vigils across USA. In court looked weird with bright orange hair. 

Sir Chris Hoy is leading Team GB, 542 athletes, with the flag on Friday. Said he cannot believe his luck. He already has a CBE so possibly a knighthood on the cards? A great way to start the games as he was voted for this by the team. It’s a bit late now if there are any problems, reported Simon Vigar says. First events start Wednesday.

Two reported missing girls found safe and well

Bradley Wiggins now a household name with his distinctive sideburns, his blonde hairdresser can’t touch, their of limits, them she said. With endorsements he could now be worth £5 million! What he’s done is like winning the world cup or the Olympic 100meters. It will ignite road cycling in Britain. A good report by Peter Lane. 

Matt Barbet walked away before the ad. break, just where was he going?

A wave of revelations concerning tax advisors who help tax avoidance to the tune of 4.5 billion. In a cat and mouse game, they want promoters to hand over details (voluntary now but possibly law by next year) but this unlikely to act as a deterrent, tax avoidance always present. Tax systems are too complicated at present time.

Tragically a young boy died on a steam traction engine, his father was driving it.

Dairy farmers have a new code of practice to sort out prices for milk from the market.

Joshua’s dad raises £300,000 for `Nicky’s smile` charity carrying the Olympic torch. “A lasting light for her”. His mother had died of Pancreatic cancer.

A revamp for `The Voice`. Tom Jones may not be returning and Jessie J could be more busy with her other work commitments. BBC are looking at how they can improve the format. Its a poor man’s X-factor one expert says. A programme made famous for it’s swivel chairs  – a good report by Katie Goodman.

Emma Crosby back at the helm at 6.30pm News.

Weather – lovely viewer’s view of a rainbow sent in, glorious bouts of sunshine, 30 celsius – possibly hottest day of the year – coming. Other areas get some rain. Thursday cloudy and cool but south gets more sunshine. UV count, wear a factor 30 sun cream!

The `Monkey life` primate programme is going to be shown from next week in the Home and Away slot. I bet the UK will well enjoy the chimps.

That’s all for now folks, goodbye. Vampire bat