I saw tonight’s 5 News. It covered Boris Johnson getting all his speech papers mixed up, he was apologetic though, at the CBI conference. Also, there’s real concern about rising Covid 19 rates, is there a fourth wave on its way here maybe? Yes, I personally think there will be another lockdown in England. 
I know this evening Boris Johnson faces MPs divided on Social Care. Every MP having their own opinion while at the same time of course think of those that voted for them. My personal view, I have MS, PTSD, and Autism, I want to decide for myself, in my own way how to tackle these issues. I am of working age and I don’t have a lot of money. I fear for the day I might go into a care home, you can be in a forty-bed unit, be completely miserable in a place where you don’t get real personalisation, that person is me. 
Thank you to you all for reading my blog.

Do you agree the debate about charging for social care is too focused on the elderly and forgetting disabled people of all ages are included?

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