Property has been washed up on a Madagascan beach. Families of those on the doomed MH370 flight have been asked to view it to see if any of it belongs to them. It’s very sad.

Parliament has been recalled today to debate and pay tribute to Jo Cox MP, who was murdered last week in her Yorkshire constituency. There were many glowing, touching and moving memories from both leading MPs in all three parties, and from backbenchers, especially those who knew her. They recalled what she did, the principles she stood for and who she was. Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, noted everyone wore the white rose of Yorkshire, and there was a red Labour rose on her seat. Jo’s husband and two boys were in the visitors gallery to hear the praises. It was also noted that on a site to collect donations for Jo’s three main charities they had almost reached a million pounds in just three days. Meanwhile, the man accused of her murder has been held in jail.

It was reported that we are heading for a population where 40% were obese. This would lead to a major increase in associated diseases such as diabetes and heart attacks.

It’s a big night for British football with both England and Wales playing tonight, hoping to go through to the knockout stage of the European championship. Fans have been travelling round France to cheer them on, and two young fans sang their own enchanting chant for the camera.

Footballer Ched Evens has signed for Chesterfield although his retrial for rape is months away. His 5 year sentence was quashed by the Court of Appeal.

The European Referendum campaign was back in full swing today. Both sides claims on posters have been targeted for criticisms and a leading Tory Baroness Wasi has switched from Leave to Remain because of the misleading divisive claims, the Leave leaders said they didn’t know she had been on their side. Some have said the Leave campaign encourage and promote hatred and separation but they say this is only how it is reported.

The dangers of Ecstasy were reported after 2 13 year olds were taken ill and almost died after taking the drug. It was noted that a new version is being made which is more dangerous and being targeted at youngsters and children with different colours! A mother who’s son died with this drug pointed out how pushers were everywhere. It was highlighted that while drug use has gone down slightly, ecstasy has increased markedly.

An inmate at Longmarton jail has died possibly due to a fight there.

Weather: Rain dying out but staying cloudy. Tomorrow will have scattered showers, more in the north but brighter in the south. The grass pollen count will be high.