An already convicted murderer has been found guilty again of another killing 8 years after he committed it, and police believe he may have killed others. Taxi drive Christopher Halliwell is likely never to be released said reporter Julian Druker. Part of the reason for the long time gap was due to police blunders.

In the US police arrest a suspect over the recent New York bombings – a 28 year old in Elizabeth New Jersey. Many places in New York and New Jersey had been targeted. On a related news a stabbing in Minnesota has been claimed by extremists IS.

Paul Gascoigne has been found guilty of making a racist comment during his own show. He was on stage when he picked on a black security guard to make a joke but which highlighted his colour. The judge said he wasn’t a racist but he had failed to understand the distress his remark would create and the remark was unacceptable.

Teresa May is criticised about present actions on immigration.

More leaks have been made public by Russian hackers concerning athletes drugs history such as Mo Farrah. However the drugs were proscribed as a medication and there is no suggestion that the athletes have done anything illegal.

At the Lib Dem party conference the Gov’t was criticized for having no plans or clear ideas for Brexit. It was proposed that there should be a second referendum for the public to have a say on the final deal. The party activists remain positive.

The Paralympics come to an end with Team GB finishing second on the medals table with 147 medals! China was first. The question now remains as to how much general disabled people here will see a difference in their day to day lives – better transport, better access to shops etc? The present cuts making things worse, and despite 4 years of pride following London 2012 many feel few listen to disabled needs now. Sport for disabled people have gone up since London.

A brother helps his brother finish second at at the triathlon championships who was exhausted. He has been saluted for his loyalty.

Weather forecast: Largely dry after a foggy start. Fresher feel with average temps.