My heart really went out this evening to a middle aged male stroke victim. He went to court and has been given the chance now to present his case to a higher court for someone to legally end his life. Take care to him and good luck.

HRH Prince Harry rounds up his tour in Brazil. He looks fairly OK at rugby and polo. Ruth Liptrot did the report instead of Simon Vigar.

A poor dog at Cruffs, the dog show, lets just say Libby did a whoopsy in the middle of the arena in full view of everyone. Poor her

EastEnders actor Steve McFadden won his court case against the former News of the World newspaper for apparently publishing a story about an ex-girlfriend. I’m glad at least he won a bit of a right to some privacy in his own personal life.

Bobbi Christina, Whitney Houstons’ daughter, opens her heart to chatshow host Oprah Winfrey. Apparently her late mum still makes her own presents felt by ringing her front door bell. I’m really glad this young lady still feels a connection to her late mum.

The Voice programme, according to newsreader Matt Barbet, will have plenty of tears. It’s not normally the kind of reality style programme that I would watch. I’m glad Willam is on the judging line-up, I quite like his singing along side singer Cheryl Cole.

As you can see 5 News UK is a real genuine mix of news, life style, court cases and show biz style news. Reporter Simon Vigar was not on today, I’ll be really glad when his just awesome red socks are back on again on screen.