Hurricane Irma continues relentlessly. Hitting small islands such as the British Virgin Isles (pop just 28,000), and Turk and Caicos. Simon Vigar (my firm favourate) was the lead reporter on this developing story. According to the Red Cross 1.2 million people are already effected, but with such unprecedented damage and more to come, they estimate up to 26 million may be effected by the end. Our PM held a meeting of the COBRA committee this morning and promised military and financial support, not just now in the aftermath of the storm but also for rebuilding. However Britain has been blamed for its poor slow response. Chloe Potter reported from Miami looking at the mass evacuation but also at the many staying and their preparation. Hurricane Irma is now downgraded to cat. 4 but that is still very destructive, and another hurricane – Jose – is building to cross the Caribbean.

Mexico has been hit by an 8.1 scale earthquake, one of their strongest for 100 years. Many have been effected, 32 reported killed so far, with considerable numbers of collapsed building and power cuts. There have been 62 aftershocks so far.

Mini Stephenson had the both sad but inspiring uplifting story of a 13 year old girl who died of a brain aneurysm but whose organs have now saved 8 others needing organ donation. Jasmine had spoke to her parents about her wish to donate her organs just weeks before her unexpected and premature death. Her family spoke of their unexpected loss but they pleasure at their daughters legacy, and encouraged others to donate. It is considered that over 400 died last year awaiting donations.

A report by Lord Lammy has highlighted the continuing bias against black and minority people in the police and criminal justice system. Many such people don’t trust the police and law courts.

A man who drunkenly slept while his dog mauled his son to death has been sentenced to prison.

The Manchester evening news ( M.E N.) Arena has reopened with a charity event to remembers those that died there.

Ruth Liptrot reported on the uplifting and positive story of a disabled 9 year old girl and a dog. The dog “Tag” is a training police dog and the girls adopted parents are training it. They have a very special relationships as the little girl is learning to overcome her own disabilities whilst helping to training the dog. She has now won an award, and her parents say that now people speak to their daughter about the dog and not her prosthetic legs which has been highly positive for her. The dog and the girl inspire each other.

Weather. Heavy showers are forecast everywhere, but with rain clearing from the south-east. The weather girl in her lovely orange dress, said that there would be a fine start tomorrow but strong winds and showers possible, thundery rain moving in.