Jailed for life. Julian Druker reported on the life sentence after 9 years, of the parents of Shafilia Ahmed for murdering her by suffocating her. Her friend spoke movingly and sensibly outside court.
Tessa Chapman reported the discovery of the lady oil executive’s body in a car. One man already charged with conspiracy to defraud, 8 others in custody. Only a matter of time before someone charged with Carol’s murder.
Non-lethal help for Syria says William Hague, such as medical supplies.
125 million set aside by RBS to compensate customers for recent computer glitch.
Cameron may be set to block Lords reform to appease his back-benchers. I feel rather sorry for the Lib Dems.
The party’s started. Mini Stevenson says Olympic fever is in the air. Boris Becker clearly agrees. A barber and his customers were glued to every match, and so were people at a pie and mash shop. Two old ladies on a bench thought it was lovely to have it here, something different, and a guy from LBC says – magnificent. Fans are wearing some nice sun glasses including union jack ones. The City of London not ground to a holt though, and some are frustrated they are not making more money. The LBC guy’s kids were inspired to get on their bikes by the cyclists.
Catherine Granger and Anne Watkins win gold in rowing, they looked unbeatable halfway through race. “Not in doubt” said Sir Steve Redgrave. Catherine Jones interviewed former rowing partner of Catherine Granger who said Catherine would have quiet moment of satisfaction achieving her goal of perfection, also there was tears of joy. Mental tiredness, and weather too, may put her off going on to the next Olympics. In athletics Jessica Ennis won the 100 meters high jump section of the pentathlon. (good enough to have entered that event on it’s own). Katie Goodman reported on how she has done so much work as a cover girl for Team GB. She’s on the cover of many magazines and has a great personality. Fifth in high jump (decent performance) so next five events now crucial. Nathan Douglas (wearing nice blue and red check shirt) says Ennis is on fire. Pentathlon is hard on her body, a hard balance to achieve. Dai Greene, looking good at running, taking it easy before his final, won his heat of the 400 meters. Male cyclist got gold with world record time. Simon Vigar had a frog in his throat and coughed “‘scuse me” he said. Men cycling pursuit team won gold. One athlete is 39 but still jumping for her country Cuba (though she wants to compete for Great Britain). The Olympics were rocking today, brilliant for athletes, Team GB ended with a big bang. Team GB has seven gold’s and are 4th in the medals table. The top three are the same as yesterday. Simon Vigar ends with the phrase “here comes the girls” referring to possible medal winners tonight. My favourite reporter Simon Vigar has Olympic updates through-out the weekend, but as 5 News is a shorter programme at weekends this maybe on twitter.
Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a lovely pink and white dress with a brown belt and brown high heeled shoes. The same silver pendant was also there for all to see. She also said she’s not far off 39! (Maybe that’s a similar age to my favourite Helen Fospero). I’m 36, Emma Crosby only looks 29 or 30 years old to me.
Weather – a very nice viewers photo of sheep in a field. Keep a brolley handy Sian Welby says, still remaining unsettled Sunday through to Monday. UV medium – wear factor 30 sun cream.  Laugh