Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a nice style black dress with a red belt tonight.
Choice between 2 very different visions for voters in USA Presidential election.
Celebrities including Kerry Katona and her x-husband Brian McFadden (Westlife) are now taking legal action over alleged phone hacking by News International.
It was a thriller Thursday for Britain’s paralympics, Olympian Johnny Peacock only had three hours sleep. There was at least 80,000 at one point in the stadium. Discus when well, and another guy from another country won the javelin event. Medal table: 73 Gold medals for China and second place is still Team GB. It is decided that there will be a special New Years honours list for Olympians and Paralympians due to the high numbers of winners involved. David Weir third gold medal in wheelchair (three wheeled!) race. His talent was spotted at nine years old and now he wants to win on a road and then a marathon. Determination said a woman trainer and he has set himself great goals, and his mum was described as the proudest mum ever.
At 66 years old, Terry Nutkins “Really Wild Show” presenter dies. May he RIP.
Teachers vote to go on strike – 82%  now in favour. NUT say they are taking a stand, erosions of pay and conditions and pensions. We should hear on Monday what action they will take.
1 Direction win three awards at MTV awards. Pop singer Katy Perry presents them with an award for best video. They also beat Justin Beiber to one of the awards. 1 Direction joked they had broken one of the awards in just two seconds. 1 Direction appear to have taken America by storm now.
Family dispute, may be about money, may be behind Anacee incident, it was suggested. The four year old girl now under psychiatric care. A major police operation is now underway. It would appear the BMW was trying to reverse at the time. Reporter Tessa Chapman said the nearest village was more than 3 miles away. Police inquiries starting closer to Britains home.
Prince Harry started 4 months duty in Apache helicopter against the Taliban who have nicknamed it the mosquito. Prince Harry was one of the top guns of his class, it has been speculated it is to keep him out of trouble after the recent photo scandal. Simon Vigar reports Prince Harry is a gunner upfront. The Taliban have never managed to shoot down an Apache helicopter to date. It’s his 28th birthday next weekend – Happy Birthday HRH! This deployment was none negotiable said Prince Harry, my favourite reporter Mr Simon Vigar wore a nice blue and red tie for this report.
At 6.30pm there was a report about someone who lost a leg in a shark attack and won a medal.
The clock advert ticking down to Home and Away restarting on CH5 and 5* made it look very gripping. I can hardly wait to tune into the omnibus edition ;ater this afternoon.
Weather – a nice viewers photo – very nice weather this weekend, a mild start tomorrow (Saturday) the north is cooler, it may be 28 degrees in the south east. UV – low in Northern Ireland but medium in the south west of England.