Political Editor Andy Bell reported on the continuing fall-out of the judges decision yesterday. The PM, Teresa May, and the Foreign Secretary was busy reassuring European leaders that she intended to win the appeal and still trigger Article 50 in March. However a Tory MP in Lincoln has resigned causing a bi-election because of her intention to appeal. There is also anger and some chaos, especially in the British press, at the decision and what exactly it means for Brexit. Could the PM be losing control of the process? Could there be a second referendum on what terms we will leave the EU? Or could there be another General Election?

The Presidential race enters the final straight with just 4 more days left of campaigning. Hillary Clinton was rolling out the celebrities while Donald Trump wheeled out the veterans and focused on accusations of corruption. Julian Druker was in Pennsylvania speaking to voters, illustrating just how much the country is now divided, with very angry supporters on either side. It is suggested that celebrity status may be losing its influence to persuade voters to vote for a candidate.

A former policeman, a Superintendent no less, has been found guilty of sexually assaulting children and given a 12 year sentence. It was said he had used his position to find vulnerable children who he could assault and the victims not be believed. Layla Hayes reported he had even won damages of £375,000 in the 90s against a national paper accusing him of the child abuse. He had been arrested after an investigation into child abuse in North Wales three years ago, and now the sentence has vindicated the years of campaigning for justice by the victims.

Micheal Buble has announced on Facebook his 3 year old son has been diagnosed with Cancer. He is devastated, and his and his wife’s career will be on hold while they help him in this fight for life. Health Correspondent Catherine Jones said he has asked for prayers and privacy.

How breakfast affects education has been highlighted. The benefits of better concentration and focus after a good breakfast have been stressed, especially for children at schools in deprived areas. Thus breakfast clubs at schools is growing. National money for a national drive have been called for.

British swimmer Ben Hooper was interviewed by Ruth Liptrot prior to his record breaking attempt to swim the Atlantic Ocean! It has never successfully been done and he faces dangerous jelly fish, sharks, storms and more. He is swimming from Senegal to Brazil – 1636 miles – during the day, sleeping on his support craft at night, starting at the same point the next morning. Mat Barbett wondered where he would keep his passport!

News in brief: Al queda may be planning attacks in America on polling day, US police are to be on high alert. A makeshift migrant camp which appeared outside Paris after “the Jungle” was cleared has itself been cleared by French police. People who worry unnecessarily about their health are more likely to develop heart disease including heart attacks.

Weather: Sunshine and showers but also colder over Britain. It will be clearer but colder in the south over Saturday, while the east coast will be windier and colder on Sunday.