Megan found at lunchtime in French city Bordeaux 500 miles from last sighting.

Tragedy in Nepal as plane crashes on take-off.

Whooping cough epidemic, vaccination while pregnant is recommended.

Cameron hints at a possible referendum over Europe in the next Parliament.

Ryder Cup starts in America – huge rivalry between the two sides, what a hyped start with Justin Timberlake!


The lack of ventilation in my joint really got me down, I’m really fed-up and demoralised at having to pay £15/hr for carers just to live life to the full and go out into town. I don’t want to vegetate in my flat, to me that’s a living death I want no part in it. I find it so hard that Social Services and other professionals don’t understand that I need to get out for my emotional health and well-being. Even in spite of the spending cuts, that is unacceptable towards disabled people and other vulnerable groups in our society. I hear Social Services are going to cut befriending schemes in my area they provide, the people who need this are more vulnerable if they can’t get out and can’t afford to pay for this service from other providers.

Saw a Consultant about the sensitive subject of piles. He said he could remove it but that there would be a high risk of me losing more bowl control and leave me in adult nappies or needing a bag! I still want a sex life, who’s going to want me in a nappy! I want to be pain free but what a horrid choice!