This edition was dedicated to Britain’s decision to leave the EU. The referendum result was 51.9% out to 48.1% in. Already the repercussions were being felt hugely.

Andy Bell ( political editior) gave the overall picture and reported on PM David Cameron’s decision to resign. Simon Vigar reported on Scotland’s SNP  who are now starting to draw up plans for a second independence referendum as Scotland had clearly voted to stay in the EU. Julian Druker looked at the economic turmoil with the markets and the pound tumbling dramatically. Catherine Jenkins looked at how quickly we could leave and it was observed that there were 80,000 pages of EU legislation to unravel and this will continue to dominate Parliament for the next 5 years.

Politically Cameron had taken a big gamble, a big leap in the dark, and lost, while Jeremy Corbyn now faces a vote of no confidence with Labour MPs as many Labour heartlands had voted `Leave`. It was observed that their tradition voters had listened to each other and social media and not to the Labour party leadership.

Around the world reaction was mixed from Donald Trump on a visit to scotland welcoming the result to world leaders saying it was a watershed moment but life would still go on. European leaders were quick to give reassurances to their own countries that the EU would remain strong but has this weakened it’s authority?

One thing is for certain to me, we are in uncharted waters, and it may be sink or swim on the entire VIP issue as a whole.