Another terror attack in Spain, this time south of Barcelona. After the attack in a crowded street with a van yesterday (reportedly the driver had tried to hire a lorry but didn’t have the required permit) 5 men are shot and killed after running down and killing 1 and injuring 6 by Spanish police. They are said to have been wearing fake suicide vests. Julian Druker reported from Barcelona about the attack there which killed 13 and injured hundreds from 34 countries (a young British child is missing after the attack and the family are asking for information on Facebook). He interviewed witnesses and visited the shrine that is now in the street. He also reported on the noisy (clapping and chanting) march in Barcelona today showing people are not cowed by terrorism. In a suspected related incident on Wednesday, an explosion near Barcelona is now thought to be a terrorist bomb going off prematurely killing the bomb maker. Simon Vigar looked the issue of terrorist using vehicles to kill and the safety measures we will now have to live with to minimize the risk, but it was noted again that the issue was when not if such attack will happen as it was very hard to prevent completely.


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Sir Bruce Forsyth has died aged 89. Mini Stephenson reviewed his life and career and Mat Barbett spoke to Barry Cryer, a life long friend of Sir Bruce. After 8 decades in entertainment, starting even before the Second World War, Sir Bruce had had the longest TV career. His big break was in Sunday Night at the London Palladium, but he made his name on TV in game shows e.g. The Generation Game and Play Your Cards Right.

Micheal Barrymore has won his case for wrongful arrest. He has sued Essex police for over £2 million. His arrest after a body was found in his swimming pool after a party, he says, destroyed his career. He had never been charged or convicted, and the judge decided the arresting office had insufficient grounds for the arrest.

The 4th Invictus games have commenced in Toronto with Team GB represented by 90 injured servicemen and women . Peter Lane looked at the games and he spoke to members of the cycle team. The benefits of sport on the ex-service personnel was highlighted such as coming to terms with, and overcoming their injuries. The next is to be in Sydney.

Weather – Outlook is dry on Saturday and rain on Sunday. Showers will die out over night and tomorrow morning leaving a dry day with the wind calming, but with an ex-hurricane system coming in arriving Sunday it may have heavy rain but it is still unclear.