Simon Pusey read today’s 5 Lunchtime News Headlines which included a minimum price of 40p per unit for buying alcohol and an end to 2 for 1 deals too on alcohol. A poor black youth was killed by a shotgun in Florida walking home from school, the guy responsible escapes punishment. There was cocaine and some other substances found in singer Whitney Houston’s body after she was found in her bathtub, and according to the weather tomorrow the temperatures will be on average 21 Celsius tomorrow ( Saturday)
Mr Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter on 5 News, read the 5 News UK update programme, which for me was a pleasant surprise. Issues raised were – in the budget the tax threshold may become 9 thousand pounds; taking 1 aspirin per day for some people may reduce the death risk from cancer, but always consult your GP first, or seek medical advice 1st, as this is not the case for everyone, and the person who knows you best whether this is the right thing to do, given your own medical history. 1 Direction makes it to number 1 in the charts in the USA, good for them, but I still much prefer singer Rebecca Black. There was a nice viewer photo of green grass on the lunchtime 5 weather, I never knew real grass could look so fresh and green up close.
5 News UK Wednesday 5.00pm.
I remember that political editor Andy Bell spoke about, and did a report from, a chocolate factory; 2 percent rise I think it was on alcohol; a man was jailed for six years by setting light to the hotel he was having a celebration in after his wedding, the hotel wouldn’t increase his tab apparently, they were concerned they would not get paid. Clearly very drunk this man sets fire to the hotel and not caring that his guests were still in the building at the time. If the hotel had had a sprinkler system it would have been better, but this man’s actions were so unreasonable it just beggars belief. He caused 5 and a half million pounds damage in the end, he started the fire by lighting the dining curtains, he had drunk 20 vodkas too. Amanda Holden speaks out after coming close to death after having baby Hollie. Her and her husband are not going to have any more babies – “our family is now complete” I think I heard her say, but then she had lost 5 litres of blood while having her baby. A cardiologist speaks out for the 1st time about the footballer who nearly died during a game of football. Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, did that particular report. After a lot of hours the man involved in the French shootings is shot dead by police. `Game` the shop outlets goes into administration – 6000 jobs will be lost, a real shame. I hope HMV won’t be the next retailer to go into administration On the 5 News weather the viewers weather photo was of a duck on a pond in the distance, a bit very sweet looking photograph. Weather was mid to high temperatures I think in some places then.
5 News UK Thursday 5.00pm.
I sadly missed the lunchtime 5 News bulletin as at the time it was broadcast I was chatting away on the telephone. On 5 News UK today pensioners are starting to digest for themselves the Chancellors budget. The pensioners seem fed up due to the fact that for their savings they are getting little or no interest on their savings anymore, and a lot of their allowances are being frozen, but the Chancellor insists they will not be worse off. Simon Pusey reported on the end of the gun siege in France with that man who had killed the youngsters in France he had died in a gun battle with police. Cheap Alcohol is blamed for a rise in liver cancer. It was said some alcohol is cheaper than Coca Cola! I’m not sure that raising the cost of alcohol will have the desired effect of curbing peoples drinking habits. A dad was on 5 News talking about the death of his own son which had similarities to the recent footballer who had the heart attack. The dad wants all schools to have defibrillators in case it happens to another child or somebody else in the building. While I agree with him on that, proper training should also be given as a clear requirement if you buy 1 of these life saving devices, apparently 12 fit young people can die every day of this sort of heart condition reporter Peter Lane I think said. Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, did a very good job of both doing a report and editing it too, it was very tastefully done, and it showed Simon Vigar stood alongside in the new Olympic kit that apparently Stella Mccartney designed. A woman with long brown hair showing the new Olympic kit, most eyes would have eyed her up but no – definitely not Simon Vigar the true gent he is. The new Olympic kit uses similar looking colours to the new 5 News studio and logo, but with no pink this new kit is just too blue for me and not girlie or extrovert enough for me to wear. I don’t think Simon Vigar will try to wear it though, but if he did with his trademark red socks he’d really look the part. 1 in 6 schoolchildren missed out in their preferred school choice (High School choice I think they were on about). On the 5 News UK weather there was a nice viewer photo of an aeroplane going over new coast airport. Some more rain, a bit mild weather, and high pressure remaining in charge.
I will lastly mention that 5 News recently mentioned a YouTube post singer Tulsa had done in relation to a sex tape that had been made public by her ex boyfriend. It really did break the trust between them if he leaked it. Max Clifford, PR guru, said that if he had been managing her then he would have said come forward earlier. I thought the tape was a fake to start with as you hear of such things happening to the rich and famous a lot, but apparently it was the real her in the video. Take care and I wish her well for the future.