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Newsreader Emma Crosby wore blue yet again tonight with the same silver pendant, I’m now guessing Blue is Emma Crosby’s near comfort style zone. The autoglass adverts, shown in the 5 News Ad Break, repeated constantly too many times, are to me looking rather annoying now but I don’t have a car.
On ITV1 main lunchtime news  Cumbria is finally looking at quicker internet speeds available, called G4 if you buy into it, but will anybody do it? Someone told me he’s lucky to get 1 megabyte in Cumbria, and he’s a very reliable source who I speak to every day. Not keen on Cumbria myself, its too green hills but I love the wind turbines there, but all the residents seem to loathe them there.
On 5 News tonight tennis player Andy Murray at 2 Am approx (G.M.T.) wins the U.S. Open Tennis Championships, pubs in the Dunblane area stay open late and people there thrilled with his win. He’s the first British man to win it in 76 years, it’s his 1st grand slam win. It was a big night of celebration in the Big Apple, and Andy Murray says publicly that it was a long journey to this point. At one point in the match he had a 2 set lead and then he was a set behind. He’s now lifted his own jinx and it was his self belief and determination that he got there in the end. Reporter Peter Lane reported from Dunblane in the rain. I wonder where his 5 News brolly was, and did he get wet? Andy Murray’s grandparents said on-screen just how proud they were of him, and a cardboard cut-out of Andy Murray in Dunblane was shown. On-screen he says he’s looking forward to going home and hugged his girlfriend. A stunning brunette with straight brown hair, Andy made it into the adult tennis team aged only 8 so his talent was spotted at a young age. Andy Murray is now ranked world number 3 in the world and he says at his age now he’s playing his best tennis yet, but his other rivals are getting a bit older and some are more prone to injury. P.M. David Cameron praised him publicly, and I think he was saying that although I play tennis myself I’m not that good at it. School children in Dunblane are debating how to welcome Andy Murray home. Children, I think, always seem to have the best of ideas and some of them are good already. On the 6.30 edition Emma Crosby was going to interview a former coach of Andy.

There’s been a coach crash on the A3 road which may resemble a kind of motorway. The coach ploughed off and then turned over. For some people, its been reported, the effects are life-changing. I think I heard it confirmed 3 people dead including the coach driver himself. There were 53 people on board in total, people from Liverpool travelling home from a music festival in The Isle of White which is in our Meridian region. They were going home and most of the passengers were asleep at the time so I guess this must have happened during the night. The driver was semi-retired and a guy on-screen said his thoughts were with all those who had been affected, and that the driver had been well rested. The road conditions and weather also at the time appeared to be fine, so far for now the exact cause of the coach crash remains unknown.

A Charles Van something (coach in Team GB) retires as he felt Team G.B. hadn’t won enough medals. It appeared though he was 1 medal short of his target.
Mini Stephenson, celebrity style reporter, reports on the new Strictly Come Dancing line up. Some are speculating that this time they will obliterate the X Factor. Celebrities include a firm favourite now Denise Van Outen, whose reported as being a good option. Victoria Pendleton and Sid Owen, who I had heard had actually quit acting for good so its strange he will be on `Strictly` at all. The line up this year is strongish. 1 guy in the know says, and astrologer Russell Grant says that as a previous contestant on the show to listen to your dance partner, which is logical advice I suppose. I don’t mind belly dancing though myself its fascinating and interesting to watch.
It was the 11th anniversary of the September 11th atrocity. This was marked with a mins silence observed publicly by President Obama and his wife Michelle Obama, and for the day both `would be` Presidents had a day off from electioneering, which I thought in the view of the circumstances was very appropriate.
The English and G.C.S.E. rumbles on, some damning emails were shown on-screen raising the exam boundary mentioned, and something about C grades not being in line with other areas of the country. Some are now calling for a full public enquiry on this important issue but for now the Tories say no, and Michael Gove is expected to speak to a committee publicly to answer this issue further. The exam regulator has been criticised a fair bit, it makes me glad in some ways I’m not all that educated.
My favourite reporter, himself a real V.I.P. in my eyes, anyhow was, I think, reporting from Singapore. I have no idea where that is. Apparently Prince William and Princess Kate are on a tour of Asia and the South Pacific. Isn’t that a sea somewhere? They travelled on a normal flight. Princess Kate is coming into her own, but some comparisons are still being drawn between her and the late Princess Diana. Princess Kate has her own personal dresser on hand to help her, but, good for her, this is not being financed by taxpayers money. Princess Kate has been inundated with bouquets of flowers at least 2 we know of. Prince William, rather out of his comfort zone, meets an orchid named after him and Kate, and another one named after princess Diana, who died before she actually got to see it for real. Prince William and Kate are doing more speeches and are going to a place called Q gardens, a place I’ve never myself heard of, I guess it must be a famous garden somewhere near them. Simon Vigar, good job you are probably keeping Tim Ewart company there, but you always continue to outshine all your media rivals, keep up the good work Mr Red Socks himself. Maybe you could take us on the next royal tour.
There was a nice seascape and rocks viewer photo shown on-screen.
Dry clear skies, chilly tomorrow, some pretty heavy downpours to come, cold and rain.
THe U.V. Count. Overcast low but medium in some places so wear a bit of sun cream is then advised.
The weather here today started off with some nice sunshine but then in the evening went a bit overcast and then started to rain a bit. I felt very isolated today but was ok.
I keep on seeing the new Plusnet TV ads, although I am 1 of their customers their adverts are just getting better and better each time, and even more creative. Keep it up, good work Plusnet, maybe 1 day I could be the all new plusnet woman, but for now that’s a guy who wanders around or waves his hands around.
Take care, Goodnight everyone, I’m feeling very drained after doing this blog. Hopefully this means I will get a good nights sleep for once. Take care of yourselves and a great many thanks for reading my blog Goodnight to you all.SmileExcitedIn love