Dear Blog,
 5 news Uk newsreader Matt Barbet said tonight that his colleague, newsreader Emma Crosby, was away. Wherever you are girl, enjoy yourself, see ya on-screen when you return. Simon Vigar, my favourite, reported on HRH Princess Kate’s’ first public speaking engagement alone, it took place in Ipswich, which I heard was in East Anglia somewhere. She went to charity called The Tree House did a music lesson with some Special needs children. A lovely little girl said it was a dream come true meeting Princess Kate, well if I ever met Simon Vigar or Helen Fospero in person I would most definitely feel the exact same way. Princess Kate wore a nice simple gold cross round her neck and a blue dress too. She’s obviously had some public speaking lessons, she did very well and did her part gracefully. I’m left myself now wondering Did Princess Kate give Simon Vigar any shamrock for Saint Patrick’s day? A 23 year old football player who plays for Bolton, who recently had a heart attack on the football pitch somewhere, I cannot spell or even begin to pronounce your name, but sir my best wishes to you and I wish you a speedy recovery. Although I know it may be hard for you, take care. (The guy on-screen talking about you sounded Scottish, although I’ve no idea if that is in fact the case or not.) Reporter Tessa Chapman did a rather touching report in a place called Kenya, I’ve been told that’s in Africa somewhere. I hope the rain falls soon for you, especially to help you grow whatever you eat there. 12 bus drivers who work for Stagecoach company in Corby very recently won the Euro Millions lottery. They won 38 million and that means they won almost 3.8 million each apparently, also there have been 5 Euro millions winners in the past year, well done to them. (I never knew that.) An older gent speaking on a Stagecoach bus summed it up quite nicely to reporter Ruth Liptrot. I was touched by the recent disaster in France, I think it would be nice and appropriate if all UK schools fall silent for a minute in the near future as a mark of respect. I bet Mr Sarkozy would appreciate the gesture too, just an idea. David Cameron wants to build more toll roads to improve our road network, I do believe some Toll roads are a good thing, myself and my next of kin use 1 particular toll road very occasionally, but I do think in some way still the public purse should still fund road building. Yes the UK at present is broke but hopefully now the government is taking action it won’t last forever, although even with the Budget now approaching, I know each of us in our own way and circumstances will continue to struggle apart from the protected elite rich or bankers of course. I really liked the picture of Bournemouth pier on todays’ 5 News UK weather. Somebody else beat me to taking that picture, me and my next of kin were going to take a pcture of the pier later this year but sadly you got there first. 
Goodnight All and to anyone who reads or comments on my unique blog my best wishes and many thanks for taking the time to do so.Birthday cakePeace