On today’s 5 News there was a breaking story of a veteran policeman close to retirement who had just been shot dead at Croydon Police Station. He was shot by a suspect in custody who had then turned the gun on himself and was now in hospital in a critical condition. There was now an investigation under way as to how the suspect had a gun, and how he had time to use it on the Sergent and then himself. The London Police Commissioner spoke movingly of the force’s loss.
Rates of Covid 19 continue to increase, now tripling in a short space of time. North Western England is worst hit. Bury Council now providing its own screening unit staffed by non-health professionals to accommodate the growing numbers who want testing. “It tickles” said one subject of the throat swob test. But getting the results is where the backlog is proving to be challenging, Bury have to send their tests to Belfast. The results are meant to take 1 – 3 days but it is often longer. Andy Burnham, Manchester Mayor says the testing system is not working in the north. Overall, the `Watchlist` of cities with growing Covid numbers is rising, Wales has more areas in various forms of lockdown and Scotland is seeing outbreaks of Coronavirus in its Universities.
With areas of the country experiencing increasing Covid 19 so panic buying seems to be returning, especially in areas threatened by new restrictions. The trend was branded as “selfish” but some accepted it was out of a sense of fear. Some supermarkets are reintroducing limits on certain goods but it was reiterated there was enough in the system for everybody providing they bought only what they needed. A “Supermarket Sweep” reaction was not helpful.
To football. Many little clubs could go to the wall without the reintroduction of crowds to pay their bills. There is now a growing demand for Gov’t support. There are also implications with massive decreases in income in carrying forward equal pay and women’s football.
On a brighter note, with increasing online buying Yodel has announced they will be creating 300 new jobs.
Royal expenses were under the spotlight again. Figures released show another rise in this with Harry and Meghan’s last trips raising questions such as their Africa trip which cost tax payers almost £250.000. Frogmore Cottage refurbishment has now been repaid but members of the public are now questioning their HRH status. Experts say we just want value for money but is £82 million value? Are there too many “Royals” in the Royal family?
Magawa, a rat used for mine clearance, has been awarded a gold medal by the PDSA for his “loyal” and “Brave” service in Africa. Well done to him. To see him at work, go to: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/african-giant-pouched-rat-magawa-pdsa-gold-medal-sniffing-landmines/


Finally, the weather forecast was for sunny but cool, even chilly times ahead. Bright but cold starts producing frost. The east of the country could see showers later on Saturday. and rain could return to parts on Sunday.