On ITV1 at lunchtime news they highlighted about the retiring nurse whose been nursing for 56 years! CH5 did their piece on her at 6.30. Also at 6.30 CH5 News covered the high amount of junk mail and an interview with Danni Minogue and her career. 

Police have stopped searching the river for little April and moved onto searching woodlands and farmland surrrounding it.

Trust admits failings over care of baby Hayley. Professionals ignored family warnings and growing concerns at Birmingham Children’s Hospital.

Woman dies in Ireland of septicaemia after hospital doesn’t give her an abortion and the she miscarried. Reporter Catherine Jones wore a lovely dress with a big beads necklace.

Scottish power company makes big profit after recently raising prices above inflation. Company guy tries to defend large profit but with a very lame excuse.

Simon Vigar, my all time favourite, covered the premier for Twilight – the new movie (back for one last bite he said, and also that it looked like a Gap advert, what ever that means). Fans while probably relate to it and the series should continue to live on in their memories. He wasn’t on at 6.30! Twilight my cup of, too scary to watch.

Mervyn King forecasts a gloomy picture – economy not picking back up till 2015! Andy Bell spoke of slow recovery and high inflation. Long term unemployed going up, youth unemployment on the rise, but short term employment figure drop with part time employment up as it is all people can get. Mervyn promises a long winding road to a better time economically. The Chancellor’s Autumn Statement is due to be released.

Strikes around 23 European countries against the austerity measures, tax rises and cuts to their services. Unemployment high in various countries – over 25% in Spain and Greece. Transport to and from Europe for Britain badly effected. Many shouting about painful road chosen by governments but unlikely to make an impact to decisions. Many blame Angella Mercal for cuts, making her to look like the villain.

Australia witnessed total eclipse of the sun, pretty to look at with special glasses or on TV.

Prince Charles celebrates birthday in New Zealand – happy birthday HRH.


Weather – a fantastic viewers photo. Rain in Scotland, most other places chilly and misty, fog and quite cloudy in the north. Temperature about normal for this time of the year says Sian Welby.