A young girl dies after taking ecstasy at a night club in Manchester. The police have warn others taking such drugs to be aware that the drug content of illegal tablets can vary massively leading to unforeseen dire consequences.

Leicester City are Premier Champions! At this time last year they were 17th in the league and fighting relegation. The biggest underdogs in history. Lots are asking how they did it, lots of different reasons put forward, but Raniari puts it down to “Heart and Soul”. The squad were treated to a trip out for pizza but then back to training. Their success is news worldwide. Fans still celebrating today including a family of four generations of fans. The 97 year old gran will now see her grandson presenting the trophy to the team on Saturday reported Mini Stephenson.

Parents took their children out of school today in protest at the SATS tests. The Government say the tests are vital and necessary to increase standards. The kids say they are highly stressed. It is agreed that the tests are more demanding. I think the Government is over-reacting when they say taking a child out for one day could be harmful.

Jeremy Corbyn was out campaigning again today but will Labour gain or lose seats in Thursdays local elections? Even bigger issues such as Labour’s problems with antisemitism will play a part, and Labour’s problems may let off the Tory Government. The results will be a test for all the party leaders.

There is a new bidder for Tata Steel.

A retired solicitor was a murdered following an argument after a road traffic accident. A man is on trial for the crime.

Simon Vigar, my favourite reporter, told the very sad story of the death of a little girl from multiple injuries. A young woman, who had only just been awarded Legal Guardianship of the child, is in court accused of her murder. A tragic case.

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The weather: A heatwave is forecast for the weekend. Till then chilly mornings with warmer afternoons in-between.