Newsreader Emma Crosby wore what appeared to be a pale blue dress and the very same silver pendant. I’m wondering if she got a spare or a different one to choose from?

The in the ad. break looks good, cartoon, sing-a-long style fun.

At 6.30 they were going to say what the coolest brand in Britain was, and Emma was going to interview someone who had sworn in public and was going to comment on the `villain `Tory who had done the same.

Weather – the viewers photo was stunning. Wild weather, some 50 – 70mph winds, some tricky driving condition, cool, `breezy` and some localised flooding. UV – low UV and weather girl Sian Welby says “Have a lovely evening”.

Andy Bell is covering the Lib Dem conference and if I was still a member I would buy him a cup of tea at the conference in Brighton, I left the Lib Dems because of their treatment of disabled people in Gov’t and joined the Liberal Party. I waited years to see him there and he starts to go when I’ve left, just my bad luck.


JJB Sport shops now in administration, 4,000 jobs at risk who work there. Recession hitting the sports industry. On-line sports sales a major blow to shops. So far there is no buyer in sight.

Dale Kregon was charged and case ajourned in courts till November.

Untenable position for John Terry in international squad, but there are more questions in this. Found not guilty in court on 13th of July but balance of probability different in FA `court`. Two separate processes here, one legal, one civil. John Terry feels very hard done by. His 78th appearance will be his last and England manager reluctantly accepts his decision.

Apology given for the second time. Ministerial car in background, I think they should get rid of these for all ministers. Vince Cable made a good light hearted joke about this at his conference. Transcripts from police leaked to papers. Integrity in question, two very different versions out there. Very politically toxic word “pleb”, only learned what it meant yesterday.

Banks said to be too traditional and not favour small businesses enough. New Gov’t money made available for loans to such businesses.

Damien Lewis wins Emmy for TV series `Homeland` beating off stiff competition for the best actor award. It’s a pesky Brit bring the award home Mini Stevenson reported. He won over his critics, kepted his feet firmly on the ground and played a good virile soldier role.

Mo Farah takes assembly at his old secondary school. He left there in the 1990’s, and a big impression on his young audience today showing off his shiny Olympic medals.

15 year old Megan from Lewis now in France with her 30 year old teacher. Her mum very much in pieces. Missing from Thursday night with her maths teacher, police are urging Jeremy Forest and Megan to make contact with them, e.g. by their facebook pages. Megan has nice, reddish hair, and this was a good report by Layla Hayes. I feel they should be given a chance when they are found together.


(Today, 26.09.12, using BMI to figure out childhood obesity is very flawed. Test is unreliable and no test of true problem)


Take care, enjoy the rest of your day, weather here is dull and gloomy. Goodbye for now all.