Newsreader Emma Crosby wears a dark blue dress yet again, she also wore that silver pendant and her black killer heels. I’ve started to work out that this is her “uniform” to work.

The Eddie Stobbart documentary trailered isn’t my scene but I’m very glad that in the past they sponsored some of the rides at Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

At 6.30pm tonight there will be more interviews and a report about Rickie Hatton coming out of Boxing retirement, and more on the breaking story of the royals legal action about the photos scandal.

Weather – cloudy and drizzly with high pressure northwards. Sunny start tomorrow, fine and dry. On Monday a mix of sunshine and showers. UV – medium but wear some sun cream if outside all day.

Man arrested after woman found dead in a burnt out car in some trees.

The older sister in the French car shootings returned to Britain today.

British and German Embassies attacked in Sudan. There was no let-up in Cairo where unrest continued. Egyptian President faces a real dilemma on which side to take – pro USA or pro supporters. Violence spreading around middle east, a “domino” effect. US government trying to distance itself from the controversial film.

Sir Norman Bettison was deeply sorry for his comments yesterday, he tried to clarify responsibility – South Yorkshire Police, the Sheffield football club and the engineers who designed the Hillsborough stadium barriers. Nick Clegg said Sir Norman’s comments were ill-judged. Andy Bell reported there would be a review of his behaviour at Hillsborough.

Chris Moyles, eight years on Radio One breakfast show, left for the final time today. Had a good day and handed out hugs. 20,000 fans sent text messages saying their goodbyes. McFly and others sent their public goodbyes. Chris Moyles shared a breakfast supplied by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. A girl colleague, Tina, was visibly crying, Chris Moyles was looking forward to more lay-ins. A guy called Nick Grimshaw is his replacement. I think Chris Moyles was a very controversial figure in his day according to the Daily Star especially, I certainly won’t be missing him on the radio.

A rapturous reception for Ellie Symonds at a London school, nice photo of a sporting icon on billboards. Disabled people shouldn’t be excluded from sport, 22,000 teachers were being trained to be inclusive. A good, well balanced report by Mr Julian Druker.

Royal fury about French pictures, completely shell shocked and appalled, the photo’s were taken during last week of holiday at a French chateau recently. Royal tour in Asia went to mosque. Photos crossed a red line, St. James’ Palace spoke a lot of sense in written statement. But reporter Simon Vigar said the publication of the pictures could be “a game changer” in the palace/media relations. It was suspected they may take legal action but during the news it was confirmed they definitely would. The tour continues in Borneo. The British press have turned down the photos but the French don’t see it as so terrible. The limited French fines are not seen as a deterrent. The publication `Closer` is not the same as the British `Closer`. Privacy getting ever harder to maintain for William and Kate, the Internet makes spreading things much easier. This `no privacy` issue may stop anyone marrying into the royal family said one lady on on screen. Being in the media is a double edged sword. On a lighter note I think Kate wore a lovely cream dress during the tour today. My favourite royal reporter Simon Vigar said there would be more on this story on the 6.30 edition.

I think if you are outside you have to expect paparazzi. I give a ringing endorsement to the royal documentary on Tuesday which will  includes the ever so brilliantSimon himself. Confused