It’s official – worst ever double dip recession for fifty years. Partly due to big slow down in construction industry. 0.7% reduction desperate for Chancellor even if slightly revised later. A relentless focus on the economy demanded by the Opposition. Small business having to discount heavily and offer personal service to fight the big chains. British economy has been well beaten.

11 year old boy flew to Rome alone after a row with his mother and without ticket or passport (very clever?). Airport and airline – Jet 2 – looking into 5 failings. Huge error but much less chance of an adult doing it. He never got a chance to sightsee, just a brief day out! Reporter Peter Lane said that the family have an arrangement with a national newspaper for the story.

Lady’s body found under cliff landslide in Dorset. A very sad end to a happy holiday.

Same sex marriages to be allowed in Scotland.

Winter flu vaccine (via nasal spray) now for free to all youngsters to avoid them getting ill and spreading it to more vulnerable people – e.g. elderly. It could save 2,000 lives. Parents interviewed had a mixed reaction. Up to 9 million kids to have it done but School Nurses may have difficulty keeping up with demand if they all want it. A fairly good report by Catherine Jones.

Survivor of cinema shootings gave birth to baby boy – called Hugo – but her husband remains critical in a coma. More incredible stories coming out, and actor Christian Bale who played Batman visited the vigil site and the victims in hospital for 2 1/2 hrs. Guns sales are up in the USA. Judge now bans cameras in court.

Strike by Immigration staff now called off. Union say gov. are going to employ more staff over Olympic period.

100 year old lady carries Olympic torch. Dinah Gould, who has lived through 23 Olympic games, is the oldest to carry the torch for 2012. She goes to keep fit class twice a week. Boris Johnson had mounting admiration for her he said. Dinah joked that there had been to disasters in the year of her birth 1912 – her and the titanic!

My favourite, best ever, reporter, Mr Simon Vigar, was in Cardiff as the GB Women’s football team started their Olympic match against New Zealand. “To inspire a generation” is the slogan, but ticket sales disappointing for the game. As it’s the first game it’s felt to be a good shop window for women’s football. No goals at half time. Football started before opening ceremony to spread out the games required. Simon Vigar finished with the infamous words – “Let the games begin” – he’s so right.

Weather – hottest day at 30.2 recorded in Eaton. Tomorrow – showers in southern Scotland and milder. UV – medium but still recommended to wear factor 30 sun screen and weather girl Sian Welby said that she had seen people burning in the sun.

The new TV series ad. – Britain’s strangest pets – looks a bit silly but a bit good too, but I won’t be watching it though. Laugh