Katie Goodman had a nice warm coat on during her report but it still looked a lttle nippy.

The UK lays off more staff in the banking industry, that curtainly won’t help the ongoing recession will it?

The pop group `1 Direction` were apparently mobbed in New York City. I don’t think they’re in the same league as the Beatles. If 1 Direction conquer America just like in the past the Beatles did that will be purely down to Mr Simon Cowell himself. Newsreader Matt Barbet says “Just ask your Grandma about the Beatles”. My own gran Emily I don’t think was a fan of the Beatles.

I  was very touched by the lttle boy known as Caleb Perman. He has a unique medical condition – he can’t see in natural sunlight. He has a new pair of black glasses which help him see the vague outlines of scenery, landscape, people etc. Mr Simon Pusey did a good report on this, and rather interestingly somehow did a visual camera demonstration of an image Caleb could see.

So there is a survey that says red meat increases the chances of heart attack and strokes. What can’t you eat without dying of something? A good report by Mr Peter Lane.

That’s all for now folks, goodnight. 😳