Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a nice grey Debenhams’s dress tonight with her killer heels and a black style wrist watch.

The new Making Faces documentary trailers on CH5 looks inspirational.

At 6.30 Richard Branson will be interviewed about his legal challenge concerning his train business, claimimg First Group West Coast route will go bust, (he was clearly inspirational to those youngsters), and the paralympic orchestra will be talking about the closing ceremony.

Weather – a very different kind of day, rain in the south east tomorrow, rain too in Kent, other areas dry. Thursday will be windy. UV – the sun will make a guest appearance, wear a bit of sun cream its been suggested.

Weeks of industrial action planned – talks still going on to avert strikes.

USA Open – Andy Murray in final against Johvik. I think he’s lost it 5 times before, anything can happen. There’s a lot of support for Andy Murray, yes he can do it one guy then said on screen.

Guy charged with 2 year old boys death after gas explosion.

Guy murdered guy after attending a party advertised on facebook.

Bomb disposal squad called to examined contents of shed behind murdered family’s house. The neighbours were evacuated but returned after contents proved to be non-hazardous. One of the children (7 year old) brought out of the induced coma. Her sister, 4, was back in England. An act of gross savagery, now likely to have been 1 gunman not two was mentioned, and continues to be French lead investigation.

“A little bit taller”, said Victoria Pendleton, showed medals or waved. A thank you and well done parade. Team GB – greatest ever athletes. School children have made this a part of the national curriculum. To passengers brought together, both olympians. Disabled sport – legacy for us all. We’ll never think of disability the save way again somehow. Sadly from my own experience I don’t think this is the case. It brought us all together, the Olympic park is to be redeveloped.


“The Pregnancy Pact” film: I tuned in near half way through the CH5 afternoon movie which I had seen before. It was a fairly good film about a bunch of teenage girls who, on purpose, try to trap their boyfriends into getting them pregnant. The mother of one of these girls, who was the leader of a school group, doesn’t believe in the school issuing condoms, but much later in the film she changes her mind on this. A woman journalist then starts blogging and filming about why all these girls have low expectations, and want to become mothers aged 16 approx. The boyfriend of one of them dumps her after finding out about the pregnancy pact. Baby bumps, breast feeding but needing a pump, and a girl being torn during pregnancy makes me feel relieved I was sterilised. I give this CH5 movie 7 1/2 out of 10 rating. Made in 2010, I think this was based in part on a true story.