Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a really nice red dress and black jacket for today’s 5 News.

A man who was at the Hillsborough disaster will be interviewed tonight on the 6.30 edition.

Weather – a good weather viewers photo, drier and brighter in the north, rather chilly, windy may be in Scotland. Gusts of 60mph expected. I think that’s maybe a strong wind? UV medium to low across the country.

(Trailers during programme – The emergency bikers documentary looks rather reasonable and JR is determined to get Southfork back from Bobby – I couldn’t care less about that second issue).

Worst disaster – 96 dead in 1989 – at Hillsborough. (I was 13 at the time). There was proven police cover-up and fans were blamed. Emergency services should have acted quicker. PM David Cameron says he is profoundly sorry, a long wait he said and a double injustice. New files on this were released today, including blood alcohol levels taken from the victims, including the children. A side gate was opened which was heavily criticised. False information had been given to the media, in particular the Sun. It has taken twenty three years. It’s beyond conscience said the present Superintendent of South Yorkshire police and publically apologised again. The time of death of many was questioned so maybe more lives could have been saved. One of the victim’s brother said he was a cheeky scouser. The brother named Mike, his mum (now deceased) had asked if him if her son was a hooligan, and he said no he definitely wasn’t. He then put on a tie he had not worn since his mothers funeral and taped the new evidence to his mothers graveside. Mike says he will now try to move on but not forget, and there will be a vigil taking place in Liverpool tonight. People now asking who has the criminal liability?

Two names mentioned killed in the coach crash on the A3.

2.6 million now unemployed, a decrease, but long term unemployed figure goes up.

US consulate in Libya attacked. 4 dead, one, the Ambassador, died in his car. Further incidents in the middle east may now take place.

French car shootings – Family heartbroken, and its going to be a long and complicated investigation in France, they want swift justice. One of the sisters involved is still to delicate to be interviewed. 4 French police officers are now helping the family in Britain. Further clues may be found in the family home.

Unexpected moments. Simon Vigar with the baby news and the royals. Prince William wants two. Children now the theme of the tour. A baby girl in the crowd then caught their eye. A blonde girl with two plats asked Kate and William what super powers they would like – they then answered “Invisibility”. They visited a Rolls Royce jet factory and some orange dragons danced in the background. Kate is into art therapy for children with special needs. They then clapped along to a song from S Club 7. Its all now coming back to kids reported Simon Vigar. Tomorrow Kate and William are off to somewhere called Kuala Lumpa. Katie’s doing her very first speech overseas which Simon Vigar says will be no problem for her.

Catherine Jones reported from a car park in Leicester where they think they’ve found Richard the third. An arrow head was in his neck and there was a curvature of the spine. He was killed at the Battle of Bosworth by Henry Tudor. Give him a conclusion said a lady from the Richard the Third Society. DNA to be conducted to confirm it was him, and he will be reburied at Leicester Cathedral. A really interesting report by Catherine Jones.