A random killer appeared in Manchester Crown Court, his victim was a promising electronics engineer student. Kieran Stapleton dubbed himself `Psycho` Stapleton, and had a teardrop tattooed under his right eye as some sort of `badge of honour`, smiling in court – bazaar behaviour.

Olympics – one day to go. You can really feel it now – Catherine Jones says the dreaming is almost over after 7 years. TV audiences expected to be 4 billion over the world. It should bring people together. The dire passport chaos at Heathrow thankfully never materialised. We love you said one guy in the crowed. Tomorrow we should rise to the occasion I say.

Andy Bell reported from a business summit timed to coincide with the Olympics to sell Britain.

Baroness Barzie cleared.

Centrica – who own British Gas – made 345 million profit. Gas consumer groups are clearly not happy, Centrica say they are spending for the future.

Julian Druker reported on the murder of Neil Haywood at a 3* resort in China, top Chinese politicians wife has been accused of poisoning him. The death sentence might apply.

Matt Barbet reported that police numbers have dropped by 5,000.

Poor little Jamie needs treatment, `Relapse therapy`, in 26 days that’s going to cost 250,000 to treat his cancer in Germany. A good report by Katie Goodman observed he is a `wee fighter`.

David Beckham supports the case for cutting malnutrition overseas.

Simon Vigar was at kids sporting event where royals William & Kate and Harry attended. William made speech and improved his footie skills and Kate very good at table tennis. The jokes keep coming – they are such natural royals.

Sadly newsreader Matt Barbet signed off for the final time tonight by say “I’m off to pastures new, I leave you in the capable hands of Emma Crosby.” I thought something was up when he did both 5 News editions for two weeks.

Weather – Blue skies, very humid, some scattered showers, unsettled in the north. Medium UV, cake on the sun cream, she probably she means factor thirty!

Goodnight all, glad this weather is nearly over. Laugh