Newsreader Emma Crosby wears a blue dress yet again with the same silver necklace and pale brown heels. I’m starting to guess it’s her favourite colour? In the add break the new Dallas series is soon coming to CH5, I’m hearing the younger cast will get rather steamy, hot and bothered. I’ll be interested to know if Sue Ellen has started drinking again?

In Syria – new PM has defected and there was more violence there today.

No reform for the House of Lords – Andy Bell reported there was more bumps in the road for the coalition. Andy spoke about break in the contract and the Lib Dems planning some retaliation in reponse. The coalition is fairly strained but neither want an election yet.

Three hundred and fifty million miles, a rover nicknamed “Curiosity” lands on  the `Red` Mars using a supersonic parachute. The curved picture of the Martian land was simply amazing. Katie Goodman did a good report. President Obama wants a manned landing within twenty years.

A twelve year old girl has been missing since Friday lunchtime. Volunteers distributing leaflets with her face on and police are checking CCTV. Police reported a good response but nothing as yet substantiated.

Absolutely golden day at Olympics including at the Show jumping after a `penalty shootout`. Gold for Jason Kenney, a cyclist, with Victoria Pendleton waiting to go for another. At that point Team GB were in third place, “simply amazing”. Nathan Douglas said it comes down to tactics, and there was no outright favourite in the long jump. The crowd lift you. Usain Bolt doing very well. It could be tough for Dai Greene but he may pull it out the bag. Andy Murray said he had the best win so far of his career winning the Gold, with the passion of the crowd behind him. He gave eleven year old Henry a hug after. He was now off to Canada for another competition and then onto the USA Open.

Weather – dryer and a bit warmer, 26 selcius by Friday, maybe some flooding, 20 selcius tomorrow. UV – medium in some places.