An Indian restaurant owner has been convicted of manslaughter after a customer, who had clearly made sure the restaurant knew he had a nut allergy, had a severe anaphylactic shock. The owner was in deep debt and had substituted cheap nut containing products for the more expensive nut-free ingredients. It was said his attitude was reckless and cavalier.

Catherine Jones reported on a new report the says that we should worry less about saturated fats, and that by eating more natural fats in meat and dairy products and less carbohydrates, the better balance will be healthier. However other health campaigners say it is wrong advice, based on bad science, and that many will see it as an excuse to eat what ever they want.

Could leaving the EU bring on a recession? Using Treasury figures the “Remain” campaign says it will. However the “Leave” campaign says they are scaremongering and bullying, using figures that are inaccurate, unreliable, one sided and far too pessimistic. Even Nickolas Sturgeon of the SNP who supports staying in felt the report was unduly gloomy. Peter Lane reported from Whitby on a public divided. The business community sees freedom in leaving but worry about increasing costs, even British built products such as the trawler Guardian Angel has European parts.

Man Utd are expecting to announce they’ve sacked their manager who just days ago lead them to FA Cup victory. It is felt that his spending on players, which was at record levels but they only finished 5th, lead to the board deciding his fate. The sacked Chelsea manager from last season is expected to be appointed.

The partner of a man accused of killing his daughter said he was a kind and gentle man whose bark was worse than his bite, and that he had never been physically violent towards herself or their daughter.

A new film is about to be released about the life of Bobby Moore, the England and West Ham player. It includes all about his part in England’s triumph at the 1966 World Cup. Unfortunately he died just 51 from Bowel Cancer.

The Austrian far right party only just miss out on Presidential election.

Bomb blasts in a Mediterranean resort have killed dozens but news was still sketchy.

Weather – Dry and cool overnight. Tomorrow will start cloudy with scattered showers but temperatures will rise as the day progresses. The grass pollen is increasing as the tree pollen decreases.

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