The main story was Teresa May, the Prime Minister’s battle for support for her Brexit deal, she wants to be able to `get on with it` (Brexit) but it’s proving to be an up-hill struggle. At stake is her own future as well as the UK’s. Labour says no, the DUP says no, even 90 members of her own party will not vote for the deal. Could we be heading for a second referendum? 
The already convicted pedophile killer Russell Bishop has refused to give further evidence in his defense at his latest  trial about two murdered young girls. He continues to deny feelings of a sexual nature towards young girls.
Loneliness at Christmas was an important issue looked at in the program, some feel they could die and people wouldn’t notice. A pensioner was interviewed who felt useless and of no value, seeing others happy with their family and friends only made him feel worse. Clubs for single pensioners were highlighted, volunteers who visit was shown, and we were all encouraged to make an effort to reach out to pensioners this Christmas.
Simon Vigar reported on the released British academic `spy` returning from the UAE after being given a Pardon but not with the sentence for spying quashed. His family and friends as well as the British Government continue to maintain his innocence of the charge, and no evidence was even submitted by the UAE prosecutors at his trial.
In the Ukraine, Russian  navy vessels fired on, then boarded three Ukranian vessels. They said it was for invading their territorial waters, but Ukraine said it was no invasion and they had given notice of their vessels before hand.
The Rail Ombudsman was launched today, the position is being created to settle disputes between rail companies and passengers who feel their complaints have not been dealt with properly.
Scientist say that hotter British summers like the one we’ve just had become the norm if we continue to burn fossil fuels over the next 50 years.
Finally the weather forecast for the next day was for coming wet and windy weather. It would continue chilly and dry over night but with rain and stronger winds moving in from the southwest.