`Psycho` Stapleton gets 30 year+ jail sentence.

John Terry is to face disciplinary hearings concerning his abusing remarks by the FA although being found not guilty of racial abuse by the law courts.

Barclay’s bank reports 13% profit.

Twitter user Paul Chambers has had his conviction quashed over making a threatening remark on Twitter. Many feel that it was ridiculous it ever got that far and that the twitter was not menacing but meant as a joke. He had been supported by Stephen Fry and Al Murray. He is relieved that the law finally got the joke. Now he can concentrate on his new fiance and moving on. He said he had lost 2 jobs over this and had gone through 7 separate hearings. Paul may now try to sue over compensation.

Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a nice dark blue Debenhams dress and killer heels tonight, I bet she will miss working with newsreader Matt Barbet who, I think, she was close friends with at university.

Let the games begin – just 4 hours to go after 7 years preparation. There was national bell ringing in honour of the games, but Jeremy Hunt’s bell broke in being rung! The opening ceremony used the services of 10,000 volunteers and gave a `bouncing` tribute to the NHS. Everyone had a spring in their step. Archery, which had already started, had an early world record set by a South Korean. We will be as ready as we’ll ever be said Simon Vigar. How exciting responded Emma Crosby. The Olympic Torch took 70 days to get round everywhere, now it’s way to the Olympic Park. The Queen saw the torch today but so did the rain too. We are left wondering who might light the Olympic cauldron. The eyes of the world are now watching, observed Julian Druker. 1st Lady Michelle Obama, saw 1000 children and gave them an Olympic themed talk. Kept her bodyguards on their toes. At the ceremony Spongebob stood next to David Beckham – rather funny. Tessa Chapman said it was “game-on” and forecast USA may leave with the most medals. Nathan Douglas is covering the Olympics for 5 News and is a little bit nervous and excited. He has a good buzz from the games – recommends athletes eat, sleep well and relax. Watch out for possible medal winners – Dai Green is one – (Emma says “Cool Cucumber”) but Nathan is heart broken not being there due to injury, however he has plenty of years ahead. Nathan says we should win more medals than last time. Fans are wearing fancy glasses for Olympic games. Simon Vigar reported from Tower Bridge – it’s a little bit “balmy”, and he makes a joke about “the goosebumps are my goosebumps”.

Emma Crosby closes the programme by saying”have a wonderful weekend, see ya Monday”.