12 people shot dead and many others injured, including a baby, in Colorado while watching the new Batman film. James Homes, former medical student, threw in gas canister then started shooting. Afterwards police found his home booby-trapped.

One week to Olympics. BJ (London Mayor) says we should be more positive. Andy Bell, near the Tower of London, says the army adds dynamism to the occasion as they move into Tobacco Dock temporarily. Pace only going to quicken, both Glasgow and Manchester police need to draft in more of their own to cover Olympic events in their cities thanks to less G4S staff, and problems could get worse in London. Olympic torch was due to arrive in London to be housed in the Tower.  Mayor says media looks for imperfections, 7/10 people support the Olympic Games. Matt Barbet finished the interview with a comment about BJs new hair cut!

Co-Op increase the money going to farmers, the rest haven’t followed.

Farzana Ahmed still giving evidence, reported Leila Hayes. Mrs Ahmed said she could not think clearly at the time. Her daughters remains were found 5 months later, both parents plead not guilty to her murder.

Key diplomats have fled Syria, according to reporter Catherine Jones, rebels aim to oust President Assad. Some fled to Turkey, 30,000 cars have crossed the border into Lebanon. Fourth member of Assad’s family has died in troubles but Assad not at funeral. Opposition is more potent. 

14.4 billion is new Government borrowing figures. Not a good bit of news for the economy.

Alistair Burnet, the trusted voice on News at Ten, dies. A VIP broadcaster who was a newsman to his bones, often captured the mood of the nation, did his homework well, according to Alistair Stewart. (Sadly I’ve never heard of him).

Andy Murray ready for his next challenge – the Olympic tennis. When questioned by the media about not noted for laughing he said he does but not in front of the media. Tournaments – Wimbledon and Olympics – feels completely different. Nadal not taking part due to a knee injury.

Mini Stevenson reported that Prince Harry has a new girlfriend – 23 year old with long blonde hair. Harry often goes for blondes she noted. Prince Harry remains carefree. Mini finished with joke, a good one I thought, the odds of dating Prince Harry maybe stacked against you if you are a brunet. (That probably leaves out Pipper).

Weather – nice sunset viewers photo sent in, maybe thundery, bright and sunny, but single digit temperatures, not a perfect day. 27 degrees Monday! UV count. Summer starts tomorrow Sian Welby joked, medium UV, putting on Sun cream is advised.