There’s a Kate and William baby fever documentary on CH5 on Tuesday pm, it looks rather good, lets hope CH5 sees sense and includes lots of Simon Vigar in it. (He’s the best in the royal media business).
6.30 edition includes Angelina Joli meeting very poor kids, and someone is being interviewed about the alps murder.
Weather – nice viewers photo of what looked like a lake. Elsewhere calmer, heavy rain leaving Scotland, 65mph winds replacing rain, and 55mph now expected in Northern Ireland. UV. Low in Southern counties but medium elsewhere, so wear some sun cream.
During ad. break the Green Flag ad. came on – the green ants are cool and such fun!
Newsreader Emma Crosby wore a nice brown with white stripped dress, and she wore that nice silver pendent again. She must like that pendant an aweful lot?
NHS hspitals so overstretched, particulaly with the elderly due to our aging population. Jeremy Hunt visits St. Thomas Hospital and discusses hospital staff concerns. 2/3 of patients are now over 65 years old, patients are being moved around like parcels, moving to other wards or even being discharged in the middle of the night. One woman in this piece said that they are good are operations but not so good in empathy and compassion.
7,000 veichles recalled by Nissam to check steering wheels. Good for Nissan for their safe actions.
Simon Vigar reported Pincess Kate centre stage. She visits a Hospis in Kuala Lumpar and meets a terminally ill boy who has acute Luceamia. Kate glowed while speaking publically for once, short but sweet and well presented was the observation on her speech. The hospis was an exiting new initiate. I liked her bright white brolly, I’ve never seen one quite like it, only for rain. Visit finished walk about in war cemetary. They are attending a state banquet later tonight, and my favourite 5 News reporter reported that within the royal family they are taking on more senoir royal duties now.
5,000 protesters in Yeman broke into US Embassy compound but didn’t manage to get into the building. Hilary Clinton, looking a little older now, spoke sense. There is massive rage and anger about the film that sparked these riots.
Criticising fans for “making it harder than it should have been” Norman Bettision sould resign for these insensative comments. Margaret Aspinal, a victims mother, said he should do the right thing and resign. Calls for new inquest with new information. No idea how long or straight forward it’ll be. The family will never give up the fight for justice for those at Hillsborough. PM aide refused to comment on Norman Bettision.
Brett Martin, a cyclist and ex-RAF from Brighton, said the murder scene in France looked like a scene from Hollywood, but his training with the RAF meant he knew what to do. Zainab was in-front of the car which had it’s engine running, he had to turn it off so it didn’t move over her. He looked about in case gunman still about. Couldn’t call from the scene as he had no mobile signal, couldn’t take Zainab with him so had to leave her. Police pursuing 3 lines of inquiry. French prosecuter working with English Police. Forensic scientists examining BMW still. Police are determined and focused, police have been at the family house at least 6 days and are definately not leaving before the weekend.
Locally there is mounting support for the law to be made for cyclists to wear a helmet. When I bought my fella a cycle I made sure one went with the bike, the risks of a brain injury in an accident are too great.


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