Catherine Jones was presenting.
Protecting victims: New plans and measures have been announced concerning Domestic Abuse. Included is a new legal definition which includes emotional and psychological abuse such as controlling behaviour, not just the physical type. Also in court accused abusers will no longer be able to cross examine the abused; and evidence can be given by video rather than in person in court. A victim told of her shocking experiences.
PM Theresa May announced in Parliament Plan B for Brexit – more of the same Plan A felt Andy Bell political editor for 5 News. She continues to focus on getting changes to the Northern Ireland backstop from the EU though the EU appear to be saying no changes are possible. Jeremy Corbyn, leader of the Opposition, also felt there was no changes from A to B. More party political games seem to be continuing.
One of the victims of the road traffic accident says the Duke of Edinburgh hasn’t even tried to find out if they were ok. She also said on This Morning that she felt it was insensitive and inconsiderate for the Duke to be driving a brand new Land Rover without a seat belt within two days of the accident before the police had finished their investigation, that no one was listening to her, and that police hadn’t even taken a statement from her. She felt that if the police decided he was responsible he should still be prosecuted like anyone else. A Buckingham Palace spokesperson said a full apology had been sent.
The number of women, in particular young women, taking up the offer of smear test has dropped significantly, now the lowest rate for years. Fear and embarrassment felt to be the main barriers to attending, now 1 in 4 don’t. It was noted that the Jade Goody effect had worn off.
Two new security alerts in Northern Ireland were reported live on 5 News. A white van had been stolen by three masked men, when found it was blown up in a controlled explosion. Also a delivery truck had been hijacked by four masked men. The incidents follow on Saturday night’s car bombing which they are investigating.
A baby boy has died 8 days after he and his mother were run over in a traffic accident, his mother died at the scene.
EU citizens can now apply for `Settled Status` status to be allowed to remain here after Brexit. The proposed fee for this has now been scrapped, only the necessary documents need to be completed. But will the Home Office be able to process the applications in time? For many EU citizens this is now home.
Last night a astronomical special event was seen over the world including the UK though our skies were cloudy. A Super Blood Wolf Moon is rare. In the past this has been seen as a portent of doom but viewers were reassured this simply was not the case.
The Comic Relief charity are shocked by allocations that some of their charity clothing was made by people paid tiny wages in foreign countries and the workers are routinely abused.
Flying high: A new jet pack was shown off doing its paces over an obstacle course. It looked like a James Bond stunt. 
Weather forecast – Icy at first tomorrow with wintry showers in the north and west moving east. Remaining wintry but becoming drier.