Airport immigration staff are to strike. Home Office say it’s shameful. One fella said it would wreck the service. The strike is set for 26th of July so contingency plans are being made ready to put into action. Mixed views – “There’s no such thing as a polite strike”. Government put on 1200 troops on 48hr notice.
Syria, Damascus. Rebels are openly on the streets, the state run TV putting out a different picture from reality. Clear toughening tone from other governments. Post Assad maybe better for Syria. No sanctions as yet.
Two more were arrested in Derby and investigations into the house fire that took the lives of 6 children continues.
Mr Simon Pusey reported on an American case of someone accused of killing a young black man. He says it was self defence and would say sorry to the family, but they don’t want to know, they want him convicted of murder.
Policeman Harwood now cleared of manslaughter of Ian Tomlinson. A painful verdict to Ian’s family, they called it a joke. (the Coroner had said his death was an “unlawful killing”. IPCC may investigate further, as they called the re-employment of PC Harwood following his early retirement in the early 2000s as “staggering”.
Mother of Shaffila Ahmed very timid in court, denies murdering her 9 years ago,  Leyla Hayes reported. Accused father of attacking Shaffila when she was 17.
Internet cafe robbers were faced by a pensioner with his own gun and ran.
Nadal pulls out Olympics due to ill health so not leading his country in the opening ceremony.
Princess Kate – a nice blue dress and necklace too! She was opening an photography exhibition with an Olympic theme. Surprised when she saw one with herself in it. Princess Kate told old lady torch bearer she was wearing a nice gold broach, and they traded compliments about each others looks. This was my favourite report today by Mini Stevenson.
Newsreader Matt Barbet was due to interview on the 6.30 news a cyclist who was taking part in the Olympics.
Weather – there was a nice viewers photo of a fox in a field, I think you could tell he knew he was spotted by the camera lens. The south-west dry, but chilly in Scotland. UV – medium count, you need to put some sun cream on Sian Welby says.