Breaking news – A lorry or van has ploughed into into a crowded street in Barcelona, in one of the busiest areas for tourists in the city . 2 dead are reported and many injured. The driver has run away but details are few and the situation is confused. Many are said to be hiding in cafes, coffee shops, and churches. The Metro has been closed, and an eyewitness spoke of people running away like a “tidal wave”.

Andy Bell reported on a possible Brexit back-down. After Brexit can EU nationals travel here without a visa? The Gov’t says yes to visit but they will need a permit for work, housing, benefits etc. They reiterated there will be an end to free movement of people to Britain, but could this could be a backdoor for illegal immigrants. The responsibility for this may fall on landlords and employers to check tenants/workers, but should they be in effect our immigration control. Critics say immigration won’t be controlled any more after Brexit than before. 

Ruth Liptrot was at a school as the A level results came out and reported on the joy of those that had got their grades for University. For the first time in 17 years boys did better than girls. She reported that grades were up, spaces available at Uni were up, but applications at present were down. It was also noted that this was the first group to do the revised A level courses.

Julian Druker reported on an alternative to Uni, namely apprenticeships. He interviewed Ewan Blair (ex-PM Tony Blair’s son) who has moved from a possible career in banking to an apprenticeship. Ewan highlighted that this was not an alternative to higher education, merely a different form of education. Apprenticeships are a scheme now required to be provided by the Gov’t of many businesses, a good idea to some, a business tax to others.

Simon Vigar was at the Crown Court to report on the continuing case of the cyclist who killed someone in an accident. The cyclist was giving evidence and said a front brake would not have made a difference. His didn’t have one (a legal requirement he said he was unaware of) which an expert had said on a previous day would have saved the pedestrians life.

Successful British actor Boyaga, now staring in a film about a race riot in America 50 years ago called “Detroit”, says he found Donald Trump’s recent comments upsetting. He said his film about race relations was as true now as then in Detroit. Mini Stephenson in her interview with him called him a “national treasure” aged at just 25!

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Weather: We are heading for a wet and windy spell. Tomorrow a band of showery rain would cross the country with strong winds. Only the south coast might avoid the rain. 15 – 20C

In other news it was revealed that Tom Cruise had broken his ankle in a stunt for his latest Mission Impossible film. So does that mean the mission real was impossible?