Dear Blog,
I’ve always found the Tonight programme to be the best, and usually the most informed, of any of the documentaries’ I have seen, apart from maybe the Grime Fighters programme (sponsored by Gtech I think it is). The Tonight programme focused on the issue of drug taking, and whether people like sprinter Dwain Chambers should be punished, but not serve a lifetime ban from competing in sports events. Dwayne Chambers made a mistake by taking banned or illegal substances, but should he face a lifetime ban in this country? Those are the rules but is it fair though, is it right though, as in other countries, for instance, after such a mistake you don’t necessarily face a lifetime ban. People can get in with the wrong crowd and be badly influenced by others, there are probably a lot of examples of this my view. Everyone in life makes mistakes, no matter who they are, and I’ve probably made loads  of them myself over my lifetime. Dwayne Chambers should be allowed, in my view, to put the past behind him, and compete at the London Olympics 2012 and the very best of luck to him in doing so and proving that very fact.

Speaking of the London Olympics, myself and my next of kin failed to get a wheelchair space for me and him to watch 1 women’s tennis match, and the women’s trampoline gymnastics, which was something I really wanted to see as I had never seen anything remotely similar to it before. Just our luck – hey – as like most people we got 0 seats in total.
I also had another conversation today about Stomas. I think the very high level of my ongoing mental health problems, and my ongoing learning disability issues, does not help either, but my own decision remains firmly this is not something I will pursue. Suppositories will, in the near future, be tried. It may or may not work, or alleviate it all. I’ve also got 1 pile that can sometimes be seen, and put simply I want it gone for good. Somehow I hate it just being there and it has caused me some ongoing discomfort too.
In East Enders tonight(Thursday BBC3) Amira is a bit tearful and takes a break from Albert Square to try to clear her head. I’d say to her myself – steer clear of men for now at least. Gay Christian and Zaniab are starting to build some bridges with each other, which makes a very nice change from them nearly always rowing and yelling at each other, Afia is being very mature and is a bit unsure how to handle herself and her past marriage problems, but I think just maybe she will get there somehow in the end. It was rather amusing too seeing Kim trying it on rather seductively with a young male waiter. He then tries having a go at her with a wooden spoon, a useful weapon of sorts I assume. It then turns out he thinks his wife is leaving him, but just maybe she isn’t after all. Then he starts crying and he’s then put in a taxi home, this made me chuckle just a little bit.
I read in the Daily Star that the brilliant Aussie singer Jason Donovan had been asked to be the UK entry in the Eurovision song contest. I thought it was a real shame he didn’t say yes, although the BBC now choosing both the song and the artist feels very wrong to me. It’s just not democratic enough to me. Good Luck in the Eurovision song contest Jedward. I’m not backing the UK entry. I love the Eurovision song contest, and watch it all the way through right to the very end. Its my very own version of Xmas day, but in May instead of December somewhere in Europe. I now tend to buy the CD of all the entries in the Eurovision Song contest, it’s always usually very good indeed, in my eyes anyway.Who me?
Goodnight All X.Sleepy Clock