Martin’s main focus in the programme was on a new, little known ruling called the Plevin ruling which was that it had been ruled in a court that even if you hadn’t been mis-sold a PPI you might be in line for some compensation. Although banks had “sold” PPI, the insurance scheme itself was run by insurance companies. They had paid commission to the bank/s and banks should have disclosed to the buyer when the commission was more than 50% of the cost (which it often was but then not disclosed). It is part of this commission price that can be claimed back. The deadline for all such claims is the same as PPI – Aug 2019. It applies to policies after 2008. The advice is to start a claim by going back to the bank/firm that sold you PPI and ask for their commission percentage and then make a claim!  

Martin highlighted two tips this week. Firstly – don’t pay high prices for water on planes. Take an empty small water bottle in hand luggage and fill it up after you have passed through security, it’s perfectly within the rules for taking things on planes. Secondly, the amount you pay back monthly on a student loan depends on your post grad. salary, not how much you took out, so a higher debt doesn’t necessarily mean bigger monthly repayments. The next progamme is to be all about student loans. 

Finally, Martin presented the shopping skills of a viewer who, by shopping for items in supermarkets for products with the yellow reduced price sticker, saved a fortune every week, especially by knowing the times the supermarket workers put out the goods so mark out on the shelves.