Recently I wrote two separate blogs about money expert Martin Lewis and his legal battle with Facebook, and about the announced planned merger of Sainsbury’s and Asda. Here are two articles on the lastest updates and information about these two important ongoing issues in the financial world.

For the Martin Lewis situation: Martins article

For more on Sainsbury’s/Asda: Sainbury’s/Asda merger article

I hope Martin Lewis does win his legal battle with Facebook, his legal position is both honest and true. I think Facebook could learn from Martin Lewis instead of hiding behind endless excuses for their behaviour.

I’m still against the planned merger of Asda and Sainsbury’s. I think they will promise a lot but deliver very little in the consumer interest. I think a lot of job loses could occur for a variety of reasons, plus even higher costs for the consumer. If this merger goes ahead I think the main winners for the consumer would be LIDL and ALDI so I would say beware if this merger goes ahead, and I hope the regulator does not vote in favour of it.