I have very recently come back from Blackpool where I saw 2 good shows of illusion at the Pleasure Beach.
The first featured Richard Devere. His northern sense of humour made me smile a lot and it reminded me of my former northern roots. He jokingly responded to something I said that it wasn’t panto. He did a good magic trick with a white cat in a box that looked a little bit startled. He staged a  conversation with a woman going to the toilet and then levitated her on stage (I saw that trick in a Sinbad film). She later appeared in the show dressed up as superhero Wonder Woman. He undertook a very good magic trick with a little girl from the audience which finished with the girl throwing the playing cards at a picture frame and the card she had picked then appeared in the frame. I found it all rather gripping. I’d give this particular show an 8 1/2 out of 10 rating.
The second show comprised a couple who worked very effectively together. I spoke to the girl assistant, Tamsyn, afterwards and she was lovely with a very nice smile. The Magician, Michael Jordan, rode a unicycle with some “help” from the audience and he was rather good at it. He juggled successfully with three sharp knives (which he had shown by cutting up a cucumber) whilst riding the unicycle and said that we should not try it at home. He did try to do a trick with a little girl but she quickly became too shy so he had to chose another member of the audience, this time a young woman. It finished with what looked like spikes passing through her but I didn’t think the spikes went far enough. I’d give this particular show a 9/10 rating. 
I had a really good time celebrating my recent birthday in Blackpool but there was a lot of stress – my beloved fella left my medicines at home and had to do a 2 1/2 hr drive to fetch them. The accommodation we quickly realised was not suitable for my physical disability so at 9pm in the evening we found, by pure chance and luck, a disabled friendly hotel on the very same road! It was a very topsey turvey time with both highs and lows. Likely I managed three rides in the Pleasure Beach but due to my MS fore-ever worsening I’m on very borrowed time in terms of getting on and off the rides I really enjoy. The arcades were as superb as usual and the gypsy Tarot reading I had done on the promenade was acceptable. Sadly for me the machine “Psychic Sarah” in the arcades was no longer there, I really missed it being there. I used that machine for a great many years and I think the arcades in Blackpool should return that particular machine. A man told me they got rid of it, it was always breaking down and didn’t make that much money anyway. I tried my hand again at “Air Hockey” in my wheelchair, I did OK, and I also had a go at a “Crazy Frog” bashing the frogs game. Don’t try this at home literally.
Goodbye for now all. Love 2