Dear Blog,
 I still feel a bit down but am Ok I guess. I watched the `Dolphin Tale` on Blu Ray tonight. As you can see on 1 of my previous blogs, this film is really incredible about a disabled dolphin called Winter. This film always pulls at my heart strings whenever I watch it. I know Winter is based in the USA somewhere and I certainly wish I could meet her for real, it just feels so right to me some how. Very sadly, cash and other problems connected with me actually getting there, such as my MS disability, probably means I will never get that chance. I’d say to Winter “You never fail to inspire me, and for reasons unknown you lovely dolphin I love you”.
I’m not sure how my future will pan out. It feels like I take 1 step forwards and then 3 steps backwards with the mental health team and Social Services. Emotionally inside I’m crying but stories like Winter really do help me. I’m very scared of the future but, so called experts or not, I will keep my dignity and somehow keep fighting when I can, for the Holistic Style approach that hopefully, only for now, continues to elude me.
Goodnight Everyone.Who me? 
P.S. I was also asked this week what would I do if nothing ever changes. The truth is, put simply, I have no idea at all.