Bianca is still pushing everyone away and suffering illegal drugs issues. John still feels embarrassed and awkward around Marilyn. Things are still strained between John and Gina, will they now divorce or reconcile? Adam and Heath are still winding each other up, Adam wants Heath to come and work illegally with him again but Heath says no way, but Adam with his heavies makes it clear to Heath that he doesn’t take no for an answer. Sasha and Casey are still trying to remain just good friends but their communication is poor, and Natalie initially thinks she gave the wrong advice to Sasha. Leah still can not believe her toy boy love interest, Jamie, wants to date her. Jamie bombards Leah with over the top gifts at the diner, Leah thinks Jamie is being too intense too early on while her close friends think she’s a very lucky girl. Leah later snogs Jamie in a nice, large, fancy house but Leah thinks it’s too early for Jamie to meet VJ and Leah still thinks Jamie is way too young for her. She knows within herself that something isn’t quire right with him, be ever so careful Leah. Romeo and Indie, without a registrar this time, renew their wedding vows on the Summer Bay beach. they resolve to learn from past mistakes, be more honest with each other and have a happy married future together. Sid and the Physio are still off and on with each other but it seems that the physio has a husband that won’t take no for an answer, does Sid need this grief in his life. Romeo covers up for Dex, Dex has wet himself and tries to say hallo to some girls walking on the beach, Romeo pushes Dex into the sea to try to spare his feelings, Sid later thanks Romeo for his actions. Harvey and Roo are still planning for their forth-coming wedding. They certainly bicker a lot (just like me and my other half do!). Brax and Heath are in Melbourne city, trying to find their half-brother Kyle but a cunning blonde girl covers for Kyle. Kyle is eventually found and faces the Braxton boys head on, just what will the braxton boys and Kyles’ fate be.

The weather here has been snowing on and off. My other half could not take me out in my wheelchair, but my MS was not all that good anyway. He went out to the HMV store and got a security tag removed.
Some retail figures are out today. Next week we may, or may not, learn if we are facing a triple dip recession, pity to everyone. We in the UK still feel very broke don’t we.
On the National Lottery issue of tickets going up, Camelot are saying they have consulted punters on this price increase, everyone dreams of a lottery win, including me. I currently spend six pounds weekly, two Euro-millions draws (Tuesday and Friday) and a set of numbers on the Wednesday and Saturday Lotto draw. I also play the Lucky Clover lottery with Vernon’s. I don’t agree with price ticket increase and think it far more likely that punters will play Lucky Cover Irish lotto, 49’s draw and the Health lottery, the National Lottery could well be the casualty as the above three offer better returns of money and don’t keep on inflating their price for games. When this price rise occurs I may still buy the very occasional scratch card but that’s it, I will probably no longer play the National Lottery. I do think £25 for three numbers is good, but lowering the returns for people with five numbers and the bonus ball is simply not on.

The Tonight programme on Thursday 17th about food waste and how we recycle it was very interesting to watch. I too, according to my other half, have wasted food but the woman on the programme could have probably fed a platoon with one of her meals. I am trying to educate myself and now change my ways.

Take care everyone, mind the snow and icy conditions, and be very relieved we are not in Australia fighting wild fires. Too many airports closed, no real big snowploughs, some other countries have far better strategy and planning when it comes to snow issues. Goodnight to you all, many thanks to you again for reading this much longer blog, I’ll be posting again hopefully soon, whether it be snow, blizzards, mist, thunder etc. Laugh