The main character, played by Rachael Leigh Cook, with long black hair, designs an aeroplane part for taking off/landing. Her boss nicks the part from her home. He then sends plans to a magazine claiming it is his own design but she sees and instantly recognises the ever so familiar part. She then struggles to prove it and claim it was her own idea, but the thief has a secret accomplice who shots the boss and others including the boss’ blonde mistress to cover his tracks. She is then is lured to an isolated spot by the villain claiming his car has broken down but the villain ends up shot dead. In the end she gets the recognition and promotion. She is driven by a wish to make her deceased father proud of her. Best character was her brother who defended her in court. Best scene was the black gun and gloves scene. Some good steamy nookie scenes in it as well. Not normally a film for me, I’d give it a 7/10 rating.


I just wanted to share a funny, local story today. On Meridian afternoon news a woman got a gas/elec bill of £15,000 for one quarter! It was blamed on a computer or admin error. I bet she’s glad she doesn’t actually owe them this money?


I read about the lorry loaded with biscuits that crashed and blocked the A500 near Stoke. Crumbs!

There would be plenty to eat on the road. 


Goodnight all. Smile