Dear Blog,
Tuesday edition 5.00pm.

Pretty Newsreader Polly Whitehouse wears a nice paleish gray dress.

  • Garry not to face extradition to US on hacking charges. He claimed he was looking for UFOs.
  • New inquests on Hillsborough victims. Not all dead by 3.15 as first thought.
  • Inflation rate slowed. Signs of recovery?
  • Starbuck has 735 outlets in UK and paid no Corporation Tax last year! Figures manipulated to avoid tax?
  • Two inquiries in Jimmy Saville on-going. Ed Miliband wants public inquiry but PM does not.
  • 7 pricey paintings nicked in Rotterdam.
  • Female British tennis star Heather wins Japanese Open. Congratulated by Andy Murray.
  • £4 million investment by Channel for Brad Pitt to front promotional campaign.


Wednesday 5.00pm Edition. Newsreader Polly Whitehouse wears a medium coloured blue dress.

  • “He’s toast” says Ed Milliband of PM.
  • Serbian football fans give monkey chats to English player, calls for investigation and action against Serbian FA.
  • Parliament returns to more calls for Andrew Mitchell to resign.
  • Police investigation into April Jones murder to continue through Xmas and new year.
  • PM appears to announce Energy companies to be force to give best tariff to customers.
  • Universal Benefits report shows many disabled will lose out with changes.
  • President and challenger show-down in TV debate. Election in 3 weeks.
  • Lance Armstrong dropped by Nike. He still denies drug use but cycling rocked by allegations.
  • At time of news England 1 up in Poland.
  • Aussie PM falls due to heels stuck in grass.
  • Emmerdale 40 years old, anniversary edition to go out live. Peter Lane sees script but doesn’t tell. Calm before the storm.

Thursday Edition 5.00pm.
Newsreader Emma Crosby wears a dark blue dress again that does her no justice.

  • PM policy in forcing energy companies to give lowest tariff in chaos. Energy Minister was vague and further debate called for.
  • 21 years vanished for Ben Needham. Waste ground to be examined despite time gap. Ben’s mum pleased.
  • House fire where 5 died now thought to be accident not arson.
  • 6% crime fall for adult crime.
  • Small scuffles breakout in Greece over planned spending cuts.
  • First private abortion clinic opened in Northern Ireland provokes protests. The clink says it will remain in legal limits, 1007 travel to Britain for abortions last year from Northern Ireland.
  • New York bomber trapped by FBI faces life in prison.
  • Steven Gerard accepts FA punishment over racist abuse to Anton Ferdinand.
  • Separated at 12 weeks, conjoined twins doing well. More treatment to come.
  • 50 years Rolling stones anniversary. 2 gigs to celebrate – 1 in UK, 1 in USA. New film to be released, and they have a collective age of 273! Growing controversy about price of tickets.

Liberal Party Assembly. Wolverhampton. 20th of Oct.

I moved a motion for the abolition of Service Charges for social care. It was passed unanimously except for 1 line about the Disability Minister should be disabled. I hope I have made a minor difference to this very important cause. I was doubled up in pain in my stomach, but the whole tone of the event was optimistic, and very much against the Coalition and the Liberal Democrats.

Thanks again for reading my blog, good night all. Sleepy