The Martin Lewis money show

A good standard programme but a bit too slapstick for me, e.g. both Martin and his co-host dressing up as a donkey (he was front legs and she the back). They had these consumers gathered together and were teaching them to haggle. One, a boxer, did really well by the end. Some saved some money, one only about £5 because his `contact` was nearly up. Martin highlighted that if you are in a job which requires a uniform and you clean it at home you can claim a small tax rebate on your wash/ironing bills. I enjoyed watching this programme and I’d give it 7 1/2 out of 10.


5 News UK 5pm edition Tuesday 9.10.12

Newsreader Emma Crosby wore her nice orange Debenhams’s dress again.

IMF forecast another shrink in UK economy this year – 0.4%.

April Jones: police now interviewed passing motorists.

Jimmy Seville: Investigation is now nationwide – between 100 and 120 leads. The allegations going as far back as 1959. The numbers of allegations and victims is expected to rise even further. So far between 25 – 27 victims, He appears to have focused on 13 – 16 year old girls.Serious assaults still to come to light – public plea for others to come forward.There is still a large area to cover and the police have made no comment on investigations into other celebrities at present.Comedian Freddie Star, with his pregnant fiance, who has been caught up in the accusations intends to clear his name. It was not his style he said publically and he can’t stand paedophiles.

Justin Lee Collins found guilty – he looked really stunned. Emotional and physical abuse towards his ex-partner, excessive jealousy. Justin extremely disappointed with the verdict. The judge gave him 140hours Community Service Order and said it would give him time to think about his actions.

Greater protection announced for homeowners against burglars. A good report by Catherine Jones. Some say it could give rise to vigilantism. Tony Martin (farmer) welcomed the news but another said it could backfire and lead to burglars hitting out first.

Simon Vigar at home of new England FA training ground in Staffordshire. William and Kate competed against each other

in a reaction fitness game, 31 to 28 in Williams favour. Newsreader Emma Crosby says that Kate was wearing heals. Princess Kate now wears nice autumn colours/dresses.

Boris Johnson said that both he and Cameron were on the same team. He took centre stage but seemed loyal to Cameron in his own way. He made a funny joke about if he was a mop Cameron was a broom sweeping away Labours mess. PM appeared to revel in the speech. PM would not `anoint` Boris as his successor. Boris had a bandwagon but was not plotting. Boris mania but can’t become MP till finished as Mayor in 2016.


Weather: nice lake with blue sky for viewers photo.Some low pressure, misty and murky. A starry night but care required driving on the roads. East Scotland very cool.The weather here is cold and dull today.