It was rather unfortunate that SSE is hiking energy prices in July. I have also heard, according to the Daily Mail newspaper, SSE and Npower could merge. I hope this doesn’t take place as those companies are simply too big already, and that’s before a merger. Today I call on all consumers, who ever you may be, to tell the big six energy firms “get stuffed with your price rises!” From my own personal experience over a number of years now I have found that some savings can be made with much smaller energy companies. For example I was one of the many people who first joined First Utility, this was about 3 years ago, and the savings I made on my energy usage was better. Then I joined Engie who are a very good firm, but I left, not because of price but because Octopus energy had gain a best customer service rating at Which? I would recommend either firm, they are two smaller firms, also they are strong on renewable energy sources. I don’t think the big six energy companies should be so dominant in the energy market, but if the consumers aren’t there in the first place to join them then would they be able to hike their prices as they currently do. I’m no expert but I believe the big six energy firms would loose so much money they will want their customers back so much and be forced to put their prices down. I’m also sceptical about the cost of putting in energy smart meters, they’ve been around for a long time, not convinced by the arguement that the cost of energy has to go up to pay for smart meters. Many thanks to you all for reading this blog.

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