News reader, the nice Emma Crosby, wore a pair of high black healed shoes, I’ve no idea how she could walk in them. She also wore a nice silver chain around her neck too.
There are more talks now taking place over the petrol tankers dispute with mediation from ACAS. Lets hope we all don’t run out of petrol before too long?
Political editor Mr Andy Bell on Syria – people are saying “don’t arm the rebels” to other nations. Fighting is still going on and a ceasefire at the moment seems most unlikely.
100 years ago today the luxury ship Titanic sailed – 1500 people sadly lost their lives. I think the Titanic had been sailing to the USA when it sank. Relatives threw roses into the sea to remember, I never knew it was 4 days in that the Titanic was hit by an iceburg. A good report by Louise Beale.
My favourite reporter Mr Simon Vigar was on about the lead story. Abu Hamza and four other suspects too, to the USA. They will be in solitary confinement and Simon Vigar wore a nice red and yellow tie.
Ruth Liptrot did a report on a three year old boy who loves cedder cheese, he had a successful heart transplant and he described his new heart, I think, as being smaller than his previous one that failed. A lovely story with a chatty little boy.
1 Direction head down-under and had to have the police escort them safely from Sydney airport. Apparently in the past 1 Direction were rejected solo artists, although I couldn’t care less about the pop group 1 Direction Katie Goodman did a good report on them.
I saved the best story till last. Internet `Trolls` on facebook and twitter. Celebrity Richard Bacon had been harrast and a victim on Twitter. A German modal had also apparently committed suicide over this. Kylie Minogue has also been a victim. Internet Trolls tend to use fake names so it can make them much harder to trace, and twitter say they can delete offending accounts but this continues to happen. Celebrity Imogen Thomas has been a victim and I sent in a question for her – “Do internet Trolls have mental health issues and can be the socially isolated”?
There was a nice lightening picture on 5 UK weather tonight. Sian Welby says she would like to feature more viewers photographs of lighting. Rain, hail, thunder at times, temps of 3 – 4 celcius.