Lydia’s Lifestyle.

Hello there everyone, my name is Lydia Livingston, I’m in my mid-forties and I’m originally from Manchester.  The pictures above are three of my closest friends Kate, Liz and Caroline. My main types of medical conditions are: An Autism Spectrum type disorder; Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder; Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. Most specialists cannot understand or interpret me very well,  for example the people in the mental health team simply see me as a Cruella De Vil type character. By doing so they can easily avoid treating people like me to save on their budgets and responsibilities. I’ve got 3 main medical conditions of very different things, with different specialities being involved with a resulting lack of clear transparency, Many reports and letters are not read by doctors as there’s too many of them simply to read. This is a small snapshot of my life in this 1, possibly too large, paragraph

Lydia’s interests.

A) 5 news UK.
B) Favourite TV is The Tonight Programme, Martin Lewis Money Show, and most afternoon Ch5  movies. Favourite Radio station is Hot Gold Radio.
C) Current and consumer affairs.
D) Favourite reporters are Catherine Jones & Simon Vigar, With best Newsreaders Claudia-Liza Vanderpuije & Anila Dhami, and lurking behind the scenes now with her awesome accent is Specialist News Producer Katie Goodman.
E) Favourite singers now are Sonia Evans, Rebecca Black, Sandie Shaw, Lolly (Anna Kumble), Geri Horner and the late Tammy Wynette.
F) Using twitter and google + You Tube too, maybe some kinds of new gadgets too.

Lydia’s recent wellbeing.

l was diagnosed with Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. I’m at the stage now where I can only roll over in bed with the assistance of bed levers and carers, I now need full assistance with personal care,  and I’m wheelchair bound which makes me feel tearful at times. I always hope that my website helps people like me to be understood better in society, some people see my wheelchair first and the person second which is very sad. Sadly there is unlikely to be an overall cure for MS in my lifetime. I’m on a dose of Simverstatin which in some people has been seen to slow down the progress of the disease a bit.  I’m donating my brain to MS research, I hope this will also help, in particular medical students embarking on their future careers. A Social Services OT has recently suggested a Profile bed (raises and lowers head and/or legs) but I am not keen on using these types of bed so I’m looking at other options to help my sleep.

Many thanks for reading this